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How do I preview Speakable content?

The Soundcheck plugin adds a dashboard tab to the WordPress admin that shows if each recent post or page contains valid Speakable content.

To quickly check if a post contains valid Speakable content, click the "Soundcheck" menu item in the left hand navigation of your WordPress admin. If you do not see a "Soundcheck" menu item, you need to first install and activate the plugin.

The dashboard screen of the Soundcheck admin shows a table of all recent posts and pages. In addition to the title and date published, each row has two additional columns: "FORMATTED" and "SPEAKABLE."


The "FORMATTED" column is checked if the post has a valid SpeakableSpecification in its structured data. In most cases the Soundcheck plugin will add the structured data for you automatically. But if this column is not checked, you will need to enable the structured data for that post or page.

The "SPEAKABLE" column is checked if the post contains Speakable content. It's possible and perfectly fine to have a post that includes the SpeakableSpecification structured data but does not have speakable content. This just means you did not insert a Speakable Section in the post.

If the "SPEAKABLE" column is checked, you can click it to preview the Speakable content. This will show you what content a web crawler or digital assistant might interpret as particularly optimized for text-to-speech.