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How do I toggle the Speakable structured data on and off?

To indicate which content on a web page is Speakable, the Soundcheck plugin writes structured data to each post. You can turn this structured data on or off per post or globally.

The Soundcheck plugin needs to write a some hidden markup called structured data to each page. Specifically, the plugin creates a Speakable Specification. This structured data is required if you want to include Speakable content.

It doesn't hurt to include the structured data even if there is no Speakable content. But if you have another plugin that is also writing structured data, you may want to turn this feature off in Soundcheck.

To disable the structured data on any singe post or page, open that page in the editor and select the Soundcheck sidebar. You select the sidebar by clicking the Soundcheck logo in the upper right of the editor.


To disable the structured data for that post, toggle the setting "Include structured data?" to off. To make the structured data disabled by default, click on Soundcheck > Settings in the left navigation. Then deselect "Add Speakable Structured Data" and click "Save Settings".